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While there is no official handbook or rule guide, most dating apps operate more or less the same way.

You download the app, create a profile, add some of your favorite pictures, and write a short bio.

In the daytime, under the glaring sun of Nevada, still retains some of the desolation typical of city outskirts, but it all changes when the lights go on at dusk.

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In Las Vegas he meets Sera, a prostitute with some problems as well who he moves in with.

When driving through Las Vegas, Ben finishes a bottle of Vodka, two minutes later there is liquid in the bottle again.

Away from the Strip, far from the tourists, our search for the heart of the new-old Las Vegas takes us to where the food is good, the drink even better and the fun continues way into the night.

In recent times, the bet with the highest stake was not made in some casino along the Strip but in a run-down area of old Downtown Las Vegas.

She shared the post on Facebook and wrote: 'Let's all wave hello to my fellow peers at Melbourne University. As a result I decided to publicly post the screenshots because I don't think it's right that this culture is perpetuated.'It's not particularly relevant in achieving the outcome I wish to pursue on a larger scale, which ultimately is to bring awareness about the issue and have people understand that it should not be merely written off as "boys being boys".

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