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However, to begin to address this problem, we need the resources to identify the magnitude of the problem and formulate concrete recommendations that can be im- plemented. Chairman, I would like to defer any further statements on our testimony to the director of our Alcoholism Program, but before we do that, I would like to extend the courtesy to Governor Alvino Lucero to first make his comments. We have been trying to work on this problem for many years. One friend of mine, who is an IHS employee in the Phoenix area and who will be testifying before your committee tomorrow, will probably say this again, but he stated to me one time that it ap- pears that neurosis, alcohol and drug abuse, and psychosis appear to be diseases of the young Indian in his or her productive life until about age of 40. If you want to smoke, you have to go outside of the building and away from the north wind. The alcohol and drug problems among this population has a devasting effect on schools, law enforcement, hospitals, family and society itself.

I 29.59/7: 990-91 3 1604 019 773 664 Listing of Education in Archeological Programs pu I F/UW ff8 I? Knoll DEPARTMENTAL CONSULTING ARCHEOLOGIST ARCHEOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM NATIONAL PARK SERVICE U. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 1992 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is the second catalog of the National Park Sen/ice's Listing of Education in Archeological Programs (LEAP).

On the hill-top just behind the rectory of a parish near Quebec the summer camp of her majesty's soldiers had been pitched.

90 1 (B) Administrators of the Women, Infants and 2 Children Program (WIC), operated by the Department 3 of Agriculture; and 4 (C) Personnel of public schools on or near Indian 5 reservations and public schools in Oklahoma, Alaska, 6 and other States with significant numbers of Indian 7 students; 8 (c) The Secretary shall, upon request, provide certifica- 9 tion to any person who completes training under this section, 10 for the purpose of obtaining academic credit or certification at 11 any post-secondary educational institution. We perceive that what we say or print are sufficient means of prevention. In fact, we have put together a pre- ventive health plan where we do not ask for a lot of construction, like hospitals or clinics. Well, it is reaching a point where we can't afford those hospitals and those infrastructure facilities anymore, and I think your approach is a correct one. ' [Prepared statement of Gardenia King may be found in appendix Iat. I once again ask you to summarize, and I hope we can hear from the students, the two young ladies with you also. PANEL CONSISTING OP GARDENIA KING, DIRECTOR, NAVAJO NATION ALCOHOLISM PROGRAM; AUGUSTA VEA, STUDENT, CHINLE, AZ; AND OPHELIA BARBER, STUDENT, SHIPROCK, NM Ms. There has been the development of the alcohol, drug, and substance abuse program for fifth and sixth grade students which is now being implemented into the curriculum of the schools throughout the reservation. Our budget in the Albuquerque area for fiscal year 1985, for alco- holism treatment that goes to all of the tribes for alcoholism treat- ment, our budget this yew is $1.8 million. Cottor, since we are dealing with Govern- ment witnesses, and include yourself in the statement? Our referrals in the Albuquerque Area Indian Hospital is done on a community services level. Too often, the curriculum used to educate Indian students is designed for the average American student. If available curricula is not appropriate, then appropriate curricula must be developed to adequately address the need herein. DURING THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL WE POSTED THOUGHOUT THE SCHOOL THE ENCLOSED COPY OF U. HE STATED I CAN'T SAY ALCOHOL WAS INVOLVED HERE, BUT MRS. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CREATE PROGRAMS TO GIVE US ALTERNATIVES TO ALCOHOL AND DRUGS.

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