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The author’s current fancy guppies I got my first online job when I was 12.

I wrote my first national magazine cover story when I was 13.

The other half offered me cookies and invited me on fishing trips. I chose to go to a magnet school way north of Venice, up in Sarasota, and by seventh grade the journey to and from the place was killing me.

You've got other things to do—after all, a new episode of We all know that the Internet has changed radically since the '90s, but there's something dizzying about going back to look at how people spent their time 13 years ago.

Sifting through old Web pages today is a bit like playing video games from the 1970s; the fun is in considering how awesome people thought they were, despite all that was missing.

(The bus stopped for me on a six-lane highway, near a little shack called Yummies Donuts.) I got home at or later.

I spent four hours every day on a yellow school bus, in Florida, without air-conditioning.

My brother and I were the youngest people in the place by about three decades, with the next-youngest being our parents, who were relative whippersnappers themselves.

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