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The Department, however, declines to state categorically that these types of allergies or sensitivities are disabilities, because the determination as to whether an impairment is a disability depends on whether, given the particular circumstances at issue, the impairment substantially limits one or more major life activities (or has a history of, or is regarded as having such an effect). Many commenters asked that environmental illness (also known as multiple chemical sensitivity) as well as allergy to cigarette smoke be recognized as disabilities. 2 (b) Subject to Subsection (c), the Department of State Health Services may modify or delete any of the immunizations in Subsection (a) or may require immunizations against additional diseases as a requirement for admission to any elementary or secondary school.(b-1) Each year, the Department of State Health Services shall prepare a list of the immunizations required under this section for admission to public schools and of any additional immunizations the department recommends for school-age children.

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In 1991, the camp was established to host the 12,000 unaccompanied minors who had fled the war in Sudan and came walking from camps in Ethiopia.

Kakuma is situated in the second poorest region in Kenya and as a result of this poverty, there are ongoing tensions between the refugees and the local community that has occasionally resulted in violence.

Text of subsection as amended by Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.

(a) Each student shall be fully immunized against diphtheria, rubeola, rubella, mumps, tetanus, and poliomyelitis, except as provided by Subsection (c).

Specific approval from students, parents, or guardians is not required before transferring those records.(c) The Texas Education Agency and the Texas Department of Health shall develop the form for a required annual report of the immunization status of students. The advisory committee must include at least two members who are parents of students at public schools in this state.(c) A school district, with the written consent of the agency, may provide the information required by this section to its students and their parents by a method different from the method prescribed by the agency under Subsection (a) if the agency determines that method would be effective in bringing the information to the attention of the parents of each student.

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