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Archaeological and pedostratigraphic results as well as thermoluminescence on burnt flint converge on an age for lithic industries between 400 and 500 ky.

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Lithic assemblages show a large typological variety with morpho-functional concepts of relatively stabilized tools, as well as specialized and repeated « chaînes opératoires ».

Links between the industries of Poitou and those of northern and southern regions indicate the high capacity of accomodation of Acheulean groups to important variations in the presentation and the nature of lithic raw materials. In Charentes, well-known sand quarries in the Saint-Amand-de-Graves region yielded early lithic industries, from Saint-Même-les-Carrières to Jarnac (Guillien 1941; Patte 1956, 1972; Airvaux 1983).

Preliminary results of the first three years of programmed excavation on « La Grande Vallée » at Colombiers in Vienne are presented in this paper.

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