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The Quick Time player is a media player that was developed by Apple Inc., which was released 21 years ago.

This media player provides its user with various functions such as playing video and music, as well as viewing picture, etc.

Scroll through our list of security cameras to learn more about the variety of DIY options available.

Archos' $250 (£200 in the UK, Australian availability not yet announced) Smart Home Starter Pack has an Android tablet hub, various motion and temperature sensors and two small, battery-powered cameras. I like that you can easily angle the cameras on their magnetic bases, but they don't offer live streaming.

It does a fair job of distinguishing between very different faces, but it doesn't do as well when individuals with similar features pass in front of its field of view.

At least it alerts you that a human has triggered its motion sensor, as opposed to a passing truck.

Although it has been known as a default media player for Mac devices, its earlier version was also available in Windows platforms.

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